Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.

My bus crapped out earlier so I had to get a new one so I was like 10+ minutes late and a guy, who wasn’t at the stop, flagged me down. He was running so I took pity on him. I stopped at the next stop and waited and then instead of running the whole way he decelerated to a slow walk.

(Pity is always such a mistake but apparently I never learn 🙄)

I ALMOST pulled away but I was committed. Besides, with a bus full of people there are just too many witnesses to be an asshole like that. So I sit. And I wait.

Dude FINALLY makes it to the bus and says “I have a hernia and need a ride to 41st.” I roll my eyes at him because I can’t control my mouth AND my eyes at the same time but in my defense, WTF? I’m already late and he conned me into waiting for him and then he wants a free ride. Before I can even say anything though he says “look! I’ll show you” and I shit you not, Dude pulls up his shirt to display his giant gut and fucked up hernia!


“NO!! I don’t wanna see that bro, STOP!” And he just casually walks inside and sits down without paying. Maybe I should have tried harder to give a fuck but honestly, I was just too tired (and probably too jaded) to put in any more effort than absolutely required so whatever.

I seriously wish I could say that was that and end it here but no.

3 stops later I pull over for a young guy at Soquel and 7th. He gets on and says “Didn’t you see me at the stop!?”

And I’m like 🤨 “…yeah, that’s why I stopped.” And he just looks at me all weird and I can’t fucking help myself so I say in a probably too-bitchy-to-be-professional-voice “I fail to see the problem, bro. I stopped. Here we are. What’s the issue??” Fucker flashed his blue VIP trump card and feeds a dollar into the bill slot as he stutters “y-y—you pulled t-t-TOO far forward!” And of course he’s middle Eastern AND tarded so now every eyeball on the packed bus is staring at us and I’ve got nothing in my hand to compete with that shit. Disabled AND foreign. Nope. I fold. I can’t bluff my way outta this one. So now I look like a racist asshole because, you know, the times we live in and all.

Great. Fml. So much for being nice today. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I just hung my head in defeat and said something about how I always pull forward far enough to make sure I don’t block the gas station exit. Which is true but I doubt anyone really cared because they were too busy being appalled at my racist intolerance.


Oh yeah, then he says oh so sweetly, “oh, okay, thank you for telling me m’am.”

I can’t with this day. 😑

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