You had your chance

Lady: Excuse me! Are you trying to catch the bus?

Me: Um… No. I’m gonna drive it.

She gives me a look that clearly states how much shit she thinks I’m full of.

Me: You can’t see my badge because it’s cold and I’m wearing this non approved black jacket.

I unzip my jacket to reveal the blue of my shirt.

Me: See? Metro blue. 🙂 that’s my bus over there. The one that says 35.

She’s clearly not buying what I’m selling so I start to walk away.

Lady: Okay, so I’m trying to go to Vegas and I need to catch the bus to Vegas because I live in Vegas and I really need to get home and…

Me: Whoa, whoa, I didn’t say I’m a greyhound driver. You should ask a security guard. I gotta go… :-/

You had your chance, Bitch.